Are Sleep Bags Safe?

We’ve all heard about sleep bags; but how safe are they, really?

We’re going to be honest; it depends.

There are a few factors to consider before putting your little one into a sleep bag, and we’re going to walk you through the top 5 things to look for to ensure you pick the safest option for your little one.


Ensure your sleep bag is sleeveless.

At Glitter & Spice we only create sleeveless sleep bags to ensure 100% safety. Sleep bags with sleeves come with a lot of excess fabric, which can cause safety issues when your little begins to learn to roll over and move around. If your sleep bag is sleeve free, you and your little one can rest peacefully knowing their perfectly safe.


Do you have the right TOG?

First, what’s a TOG, right?

 TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade. It measures how warm a sleep bag is, and this is crucial to making sure your little one is at the right temperature based on the room they’re sleeping in, or the weather outside. This is why at Glitter & Spice we provide two tog options; 2.5 TOG & 1.0 TOG. Our 2.5 is great for those cooler winter months where baby needs a little more warmth, and 1.0 is best for warming summer months where a thicker sleep bag may be too warm.


Does it have safety features?


Glitter & Spice sleep bags have some seriously awesome safety features; but not all sleep bags do so make sure you check before purchasing one. Our sleep bags have high quality YKK zippers and snaps, both on the shoulders and underneath the arms. On the side of our sleep bags, you’ll find the side zipper, this makes dressing and transferring your sleeping baby that much easier.

Zippers and little fingers don’t mix well, which is why one of our added safety features is a Zip-clip. This safety feature stops those little adventurous fingers from opening their zips on their own. Not only this, but they prevent the zipper from rubbing against your little one’s skin.


Is the sleep bag bagged out? 

Let’s start with what this means.

It simply means stitching pieces right sides together, so when you turn them through the right way the seam allowance is trapped between the 2 pieces on the inside, so you get a neat finish on your garment. All Glitter & Spice sleep bags are bagged out. This means no seams against your little one’s skin, and a reduced risk of loose threads.


Finally, has the sleep bag been tested for safety?

 When looking into purchasing a sleep bag, make sure it’s been tested for safety. All Glitter & Spice sleep bags are tested by a third-party facility to ensure their 100% safe before being sold.

 Of course, your little one’s safety is your biggest concern. Although sleep bags can be an amazing option, it’s important you have the correct size and features. Before introducing a sleep bag into your routine, familiarize yourself with the safe sleep recommendations from the American Pediatrics Society.