Glitter & Spice Sleep Bags


Glitter & Spice’s ultra-soft 100% jersey cotton Baby Sleep Bags are designed with a focus on functionality, safety and style.  With no blankets to kick off, baby will stay safe and at a comfy temperature throughout the night.

When it comes to the bedtime routine, baby’s familiarity with putting on our Baby Sleep Bag will provide him/her with a sense security and confidence, in addition to the understanding that it is time for bed, even when away from home.

Glitter & Spice Baby Sleep Bags are available in 3 sizes and 2 Togs.  A Tog is a warmth rating measurement - the higher the tog, the warmer the product.  When deciding on the best tog rating to use, consider the clothes baby is wearing, and the temperature in baby’s bedroom.



An ideal time to start using a baby sleep bag is when baby weighs more than 4kg/ 8.8 lbs (0-6 month size). The child's head should not be able to pass through the neck hole when the sleep bag is fastened, otherwise it is too big. Remember to check the weight of your child. Use our sizing chart below to find the perfect size for your little one!


A TOG measurement is a European warmth rating: the higher the tog, the warmer the product. Glitter & Spice baby sleep bags are available in two tog ratings – 2.5 Tog and 1.0 Tog. A number of factors determine the tog rating of the baby sleep bag that should be used. These include the number of clothes baby is wearing, the temperature in baby’s bedroom and baby's health. 


Baby Sleep Bags or Baby Sleeping Bags are wearable blankets designed to be used instead of traditional blankets and sheets. Baby Sleep Bags have a neck opening and armholes and are therefore ‘worn’. This helps baby stay at the right temperature through the night without the problem of traditional blankets and sheets being kicked off or baby getting tangled up, possibly obstructing the infant’s breathing. Please note that you should be regularly checking your baby to make sure he or she is not too hot or cold, as all babies and their environments are different.


  • They stop babies from kicking off their covers, getting cold and waking themselves 
  • They can’t be kicked off and ending up over baby’s head or tangled up and possibly obstructing baby’s breathing 
  • They keep baby at a comfortable temperature all night long 
  • Baby can wake up, move around his crib, and fall back to sleep all on his own without you having to tuck them back in 
  • They become a great part of the bedtime routine, and will help your baby feel familiar, secure, and confident.  In addition, baby will develop an understanding when it’s time for bed, even when away from home.
  • They may delay the age at which your baby rolls over onto his tummy, as well as the age baby is able to climb out of his crib.


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Why choose us?
Glitter & Spice

Glitter and Spice Accessories Inc. is a Canadian company who has been recognized time and time again for their strong commitment in creating award winning premium baby products that keeps babies (and parents) happy!

Glitter & Spice products are beautifully designed with functionality and safety as a top priority. When it comes to teething, feeding, or sleeping, we are sure to have the perfect product for your little one!

How we started

Glitter & Spice was born in 2015 when Lorene Mah, CEO and Founder, was inspired to create a teething solution that was safe and on-trend when her youngest started teething.

Glitter & Spice quickly gained popularity and was featured in many magazines, news stations, radio, and other print and online media.  

With all the buzz and success, Glitter & Spice went on to win one of the Top Small Businesses in BC Award in 2016, became an Official Partner of Big Dreams for TD, and has received Top Choice and Product of the Year awards.  Lorene Mah stated, “We are truly humbled to be recognized through countless press and awards, and it is truly a testament to our amazing team, quality products, and setting the standard for innovation and creativity.”

Glitter & Spice products are sold in stores and online worldwide and has since expanded to include other baby product categories such as tableware, and sleep bags. Our mission is to create products to celebrate every milestone your little ones go through. 

What sets us apart

When it comes to our little ones, only the very best will do! Our team takes a lot of pride in making sure that we pay attention to all the little details when creating products for your little ones.

Our products are tested for safety, and our quality control team's top priority is to ensure that every product that goes out is perfect.

Our products are made from 100% food grade silicone that are free from harmful chemicals! Silicone is the perfect material because it is hygienic, hypoallergenic, resistant to bacteria and extremely easy to clean!